Dry Drilling Location

ECGS and It’s Subcontractor offers the Oil & Gas industry the Dry Location service that eliminates the waste pit and reduces the drilling fluid on cuttings to below 10% instead of 40%; ECGS and It’s Subcontractor utilizes Derrick High-G Dryer, Auger system and Cutting boxes to perform these services effectively. High-G Dryer equipped with 7.5 G motor, 4 Screen Panels with 47 sq. feet Screening Area and a collecting tank to collect recovered OBM or WBM; High-G provides a high recovery process and reduces the OOC to below 10%.

OBM is collected from Shale Shakers and conveyed to High-G through a Screw Conveyor; recovered OBM or WBM is collected and pumped back to the system via a Diaphragm Pump. Solids coming from High-G are conveyed via Screw Conveyor to Certified Cutting Boxes, in order to be mobilized to ECGS and It’s Subcontractor’s treatment Facility or Operator Disposal Area.

ECGS and It’s Subcontractor offers to the Oil and Gas market two types of cutting boxes (10 Ton and 5 Ton) both are inspected and certified, the 5 Tons Cutting Box is mainly used in the offshore operations, as it is a stackable cutting box so it reduces the required area. These Cutting Boxes can be used for OBM and WBM cuttings.