CEO Message

We are leading the way towards sustainability and competitiveness:

Over the last 15 years, ECGS has been committed to create highly accepted performance in the petroleum services business.

We respect our valuable clients whom give us their confident, and continuously use our services along the years; thanks to our distinguished, highly selected supply chain, from where our reputation sounds among the petroleum sector companies.

We commit to integrity, honesty and accountability which are our main values in all communications internally and externally which prevail in all our business aspects.
Achieving ECGS brand name, shall not be possible unless we have a vigorous team of young employees who can strive, remain energetic and ultimately understand their contribution and self-worth within ECGS.

The countless support we get from our respectful shareholders enthuse us to pursue the latest innovations and face the challenges every single day.

Finally, who we are now is a result of accumulative effort done by trustworthy staff, encouraging shareholders and supportive authorities, whom proudly I am very grateful to.

Eng. Amr Ahmed Fathi
Chairman & Managing Director