ECGS Strategy regarding Anti-Corruption and Bribery

In our company, we put countering corruption in all its forms on our list of priorities

As corruption causes recession in economic development, it hinders fair competition and leads to loss of confidence in companies or individuals. Therefore, the culture of ethics and integrity must be promoted and considered the main way to maintain the confidence of customers, concerned authorities and society. Any information should be disclosed in transparent way to avoid corruption.

The Company employees are prohibited from giving or accepting any material thing, promise or offer from any person or entity that deals with the company for the purpose of influencing the conduct, decision or for the purpose of facilitating certain procedures. The Company shall also be prohibited from paying any contributions or donations for the purpose of obtaining a particular advantage.

This prohibition applies to all forms of direct and indirect corruption, and to all actions performed by contractors on behalf of the company and any entity deals with the company.

Corruption includes, but not limited to (cash, gifts and hospitality, entertainment, accommodation, meals, transportation expenses, services, donations and contributions, loans, employment offers, etc.)

As part of the promotion of a culture of ethics, integrity, and compliance with all anti-corruption and bribery laws and regulations, the company sought to activate a set of policies and standards that set clear rules which all the company employees and all the parties that deal with them must comply with the following:

  • Adherence to all international policies that aim at preventing the danger of corruption in all its forms directly or indirectly.
  • Conducting risk-based due diligence to counter any party’s bribery before contracting.
  • Preventing, detecting and reporting immediately any acts of bribery or corruption
  • Avoiding any activity that conflicts with this policy
  • Taking firm legal actions by the company against any corruption
  • Our goal is to prevent corruption and bribery altogether