Oil Base Mud Cutting Treatment

Due to the enormous Oil industry development, the volume of Oil & Gas wastes and the need for effective treatment solutions has increased, ECGS and its Subcontractor  has unrivalled experience in the handling, Treatment and Disposal of Drilling wastes through the TDU with zero environmental impact, by recycling drilling wastes to its constituent parts of Oil, Water and Solids and it is considered as one of the most effective environmental solutions for oil Base Mud Cutting treatment.

TDU is located in Salhya Treatment Facility which is environmentally approved by Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).

Once the Oily Cuttings leave the shale shaker; ECGS and its Subcontractor manages the process – supplying Offshore &Onshore Cutting Boxes and Trucks for its transportation to ECGS and its Subcontractor treatment facility where the TDU is located.

Cuttings are received in sealed steel Cutting Boxes  and dumped in Concrete Isolated waste pits. The TDU treatment principle is based on indirect heating in order to recycle Oily drilling wastes, the unit is designed to evaporate all the liquids and to condensate every element separately, so we can reuse. Oil, Water and Solids recycled from the TDU are valuable and can be reused directly without any pre-use treatment process, where  already utilizes recovered Diesel in operating the Yard and the Unit.