Drilling Waste Management

ECGS and it’s Subcontractor has recognized that due to developing drilling waste management market and ascent to a high environmental awareness within Oil and Gas industry, the volume of Oil & Gas wastes and the need for effective treatment solution increased.

ECGS and it’s Subcontractor established the first EEAA license in Egypt for Drilling Waste Management using the onshore Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) in the oily cutting treatment.

TDU is considered as one of the most effective environmental solutions for the Oily Base Mud Cutting treatment,Once the Oily Cuttings leave the shale shaker ECGS and it’s Subcontractor manage the process – supplying Offshore & Onshore Cutting Boxes, Trucks for CB transportation to our treatment facility where the TDU locate.

TDU returns the OBM cutting to its original state (Solids – Water – Diesel) with zero environmental impacts, as the three components are reused as the following:

  1. Solids: reused in Paving and Asphalting.
  2. Water: reused in cooling the unit.
  3. Diesel: reused as a clean fuel source